Funny dating website bios examples

03-Dec-2017 06:25

That's what I meant by "This from a company that has been drifting away from games over the past decade to focus on pachinko and other gambling machines" Castlevania sadly just being the tip of the ice burg."23256 I think it helps to reflect on choices you make in life so that you can make better choices in future. When I think about the past it just make it harder to breathe."Konami did something very similar to the creator of the metal gear series You could use the much better example: Castlevania.

They stopped making it because it didn't net them -enough- money in comparison to pachinko ventures."30296 Like I said, Fate/go.

I do a lot of stuff outside the pornworld I guess all the normal stuff like going to the movies, shopping, dinner, spa and the not so funny stuff like emptying the dishwasher and doing laundry. Doing it Doggy-style What is your least favorite sexual act? Weak leg muscles I guess What turns you on, sexually?

I love having my neck kissed and being teased before sex.

or dose it sound more like the actions of selfish people motivated by money?

Konami did something very similar to the creator of the metal gear series, and even banned him from a game award show that his game was going to be shown at. So who the fuck are you trying to 'save' with your proletariat accusations against the bourgeois?

But sometimes I just love getting my clothes ripped off and get fucked real good What turns you off, sexually? How many men were you with before you entered the business?

Bad attitude, when the guy keeps his socks on during sex, bad breath and weird toe nails What is the strangest thing you have ever been asked to perform sexually? Almost a virgin What is the most amount of men youve had sex with in one day in your professional life?

Does that sound like the actions of people who want to create art or give fans what they want?

And there is a mountain of evidence you'd need to ignore to arrive to that conclusion.

This becomes even worse with franchises like Fate when milking them for all their worth (e.g.

Yeap Unless it was unzipped cause they where ready to fuck me Are you single or involved in a steady relationship?

Engaged to Keiran Lee Whos the most famous person you had sex with?

Oh yeah Love doing my Live cam shows where people write that they masturbate and cum all over them selves Or getting fan mail where they write that they masturbated several times to a particular picture or scene What do you think is wrong with most of the people (overall)? Hahaaa I think a lot of people take them selves too seriously and need to relax a bit.