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Fresh from a performance on the Warp Tour, I spoke to Elias Reidy, the lead guitarist and vocalist for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, on June 23. Right, I saw you in Toledo when you were here with 30 Seconds to Mars. So we got to relax in Toledo check out the scenery. What would you say some of the biggest hardships of being on the road are? When you’re living out of a van, you have to adapt your whole life.We discussed the tour; their upcoming album, Don’t You Fake It; their current single and video, “Face Down” and songwriting. (I couldn’t help but laugh) I’m sorry – there’s not much to check out here. It’s very hard to separate your business life from your personal life when you’re living in a 10′ x 70′ area. Is there a different energy when you play to the hometown crowd? When we jumped on the Warp Tour it’s like we’ve gotten the right crowd in front of us. They are 100% supportive, just like our fans in Jacksonville. It’s a great feeling now, because before we would play in front of 1,000 kids who would just stare blankly at us and clap at the end of the songs.That’s what Elias’ departure was in a sense - a piece of my heart being taken away.Now yes, I listened to Red Jumpsuit back when Elias wasn’t even in it. That night completely changed my life - for the better.It’s just tough, from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we got to bed; it’s one big routine. Have you begun to get personal feedback from the fans …We’ve just learned to not worry about the things we can’t control. Maybe someone the song has touched because they are in a similar situation?After a brief moment with the bands tour manager he turned the phone over to Elias. We took all the seats out of the van and we’re basically sitting in a little pow-wow area talking to each other. Every show now in Florida has been just like a hometown show. Now they are singing along and it’s an amazing feeling. When you were here in Toledo it was the first time I had seen you. You ended up getting stranded here for a few days after that show. We were scheduled to play with 30 Seconds to Mars the next night in Chicago and they had a lot of business to take care of, which is completely understandable. Due to their hectic schedule we took from Chicago on off and met up with them a few days later.

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Storms, 29, and Barash, 34, shared several pictures of their family's new addition via Twitter and Instagram in the following days."Harper Rose, you've already left an indelible footprint on my soul," Barash tweeted on Thursday, Jan. He also shared a picture of his wife and their daughter and wrote, "Just the three of us...well, the Queen, the Princess and a dad's hand."Storms snapped a picture of her hubby holding Harper Rose and called him a "Professional Swaddler."The proud parents aren't the only stars to name their daughter Harper: Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, Neil Patrick Harris and Tiffani Thiessen each chose the name for their little girls.

"There has not been a more fulfilling day."This is the first child for the actors, who secretly tied the knot in June 2013.

As some of you may already know or have noticed by now (album cover, new video, myspace, etc.), Elias is no longer with RJA, and has not been since late October.

We are all very, very normal kids who come from your basic average home.

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We’re not trying to be extreme rock gods or sex gods or anything on stage. That’s what is great about Warp Tour, we can go see the other bands and they are all our favorite bands.

In my opinion, the best part about Red Jumpsuit’s music is the lyrics. Oh and having someone tell me, “you should have announced it if you knew”. When it comes down to it, it’s not The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

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